How we hatched

We are regular backyard chicken keepers. Just like you perhaps, or maybe you're just thinking about it. In either case we're here for you!

Keeping a few chickens should be fun, fascinating, fulfilling, healthy and low-cost. The requirements are pretty simple - some space, a poultry house and run, a regular supply of food and fresh water for the birds, regular cleaning - that's about it. You then get to enjoy these comical, weird, friendly birds and the best eggs you've ever tasted.

With the growth of chicken keeping as a backyard hobby we've become increasingly miffed by the invasion of large, impersonal garden centres and the like into this market. It's just another income stream for them whereas for us at Chicken Kev's, it's a bit of a passion.

We decided it was about time there was a focussed source of all things poultry available to the growing army of domestic chicken keepers out there. That doesn't just mean selling product, we also aim to provide information, education and support too. All coupled with a friendly, personal approach. So, hello to you all, and welcome!

Chicken Kev's is a new business based on a farm in Hanslope, between Milton Keynes and Northampton. In the short to medium term we will set up a traditional shop where customers can view our product line. For the meantime we're online only, although we will have a range of poultry housing available for viewing here at the farm.